Whilst there is little doubt that polygraph is a reliable and accurate Detection Of Deception (DOD) technique, it does suffer from numerous disadvantages outside of the laboratory environment.
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Can you rely on the quality of  Truth Verification tests?


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We walk the extra mile to ensure our customers and students satisfaction by making use of the latest technology, scientifically proven methods and highest quality equipment with properly trained Instructors and Examiners in the driving seat.

We specialize in serving the corporate world with Truth Verification training and service.
Our training centre is of the highest standard and our instructors are all trained by the software and equipment manufacturers.
All new students are supplied with legal software and our FVAS courses are certified by International Society of Stress Analyst, APAVSA – American Polygraph & Voice Stress Association (USA), ILETSB (USA)

All successful students are Listed as members of APAVSA (USA & RSA)
APAVSA members can test internationally as the course, Instructors and Software are approved all over the world.

Welcor TVC is now the official agents of:



  • Expertos VSA and obtained the sole rights to distribute the Expertos FVAS v 6 Software in Africa.


Are you an Polygraph examiner and plan to retire?

We buy Polygraph machines in good working order for cash.


We offer International recognized FVAS and several other DOD courses for the Industry. See the Training Page for more details.

We created a group in LinkedIn for the use of Truth Verification examiners.

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