Word of Warning


Ensure you use only registered examiners that have the proper training and use legal software (DVSA version 4 software is illegal in South Africa)

2016 Course Dates

Voice Stress Examiner course: 

  • 13 - 18 June
  • 18 - 23 July
  • 22 - 27 Aug
  • 19 - 24 Sept
  • 17 - 22 Oct
  • 21 - 26 Nov

ADVANCE Voice Stress Examiner course

  • 23 - 02 June
  • 13 - 23 June
  • 18 - 28 July
  • 22 - 01 Sept
  • 19 - 29 Sept
  • 17 - 27 Oct
  • 21 - 01 Dec

    Course venue at our newly upgrade training center in Welkom.


DOD (Detection of Deception) Course: For Senior Investigators

Included: Profiling, Kenesics, SCAN, Micro-expressions.

  • TBA

All advance courses held in Welkom.


Forensic Recruitment Course:

  • TBA


Advanced Polygraph & VSA Course: (Poly-Stress: Combination of Polygraph and VSA)

  • 30 May - 10 June
  • 24 Oct - 4 Nov


SCAN (Scientific Content Analysis)

31 October - 2 November (JHB)


CLICK HERE for a printer friendly version of the dates and costs.



  • 131

Ensure you use only registered examiners who have the proper training and use registered software (DVSA/FVAS version 4 software is illegal in South Africa)

To all qualified Examiners, if you were issued with the DVSA/FVAS version 4 software contact us to find out how you can upgrade your software to the new Expertosvsa version 6 software.

South Africa has no official standard for VSA Analyzers and the rest of the world does not accept SA qualifications if not on International standard and registered with an International Association.

Due to this loophole there are Instructors presenting their own version of VSA & Polygraph courses with sub-standard or old software claiming false accreditations and therefore not recognized by the International community.


Get a quote for training and ask the Instructor to send you copies of his Instructor's certificates from the training institution he claims membership. Also check if the instructor is still active in the field or have they "retired" from testing.


Welcor TVC withdrew from SAPAVSA (South African Polygraph and Voice Stress Association).



About Our Training


Training Solutions.

We offer training in the following Truth Verification methods..

How to plan your career as a Forensic Psychophysiologist

Little is available on the process of becoming a Truth Verification Examiner or as commonly referred to a Forensic Psychophysiologist.
It is our experience that people older than 25 learn the industry faster and accept the procedures easier than younger people as they have a bit more life experience. I have to admit we had several younger students that showed great potential. Matric, English and computer literacy is essential.
We suggest you consider this line of work only if you can set your emotions aside. Emotional examiners tend to work much harder than needed.
Students that come from the human resources or investigations background do very well in this field.
The majority of our students are from the Police or Army sector that wants to leave the service and start something on their own.
It goes without saying that you need to be able to work on your own and have a keen sense for management and marketing to run your own business.
Additionally, we deal with Corporate Companies who are always looking for promising students. These Companies contact us on a regular basis to find qualified and capable examiners.
Should you still consider this challenging line of work, the rewards are ample.
The most cost effective way to go about it would be to do the courses in the following order.

  • 1. Voice Stress Examiner______(One week course @ $2000.00 software included)

You can then start to test and earn an income while studying further. We recommend that you do about 100 tests and apply to do the next course.
The VSA course costs include professional FVAS software licensed for 420 days that will be installed on your laptop (you need to bring with). Any entry level laptop works fine. Be sure you have a legal copy of Windows and Office 2003+ loaded and registered on the laptop.

  • 2. Poly-Stress Examiner_______(Two week course @ R 26 800.00 training only)

You need to be a qualified and experienced VSA/Polygraph examiner to enrol for this course.
Once completed, you will be qualified as a Polygraph & VSA examiner with a twist. You can then do both techniques at the same time therefore testing the Central Nervous System & Autonomic Nervous System in a single test called Poly-Stress. This type of test is extremely accurate.
This course does not include the polygraph machine costs at about $5000.00 - $ 12000.00 US depending on the manufacturer of your choice.
Other courses you should consider if you will do investigations are:

  • 3. The Advance DOD course____(One week duration @ R 25 800.00)

In this course we teach you to be the lie detector. It is very useful if you have to interview and interrogate people on a regular basis. This course is popular amongst Lawyers and Advocates as it advance their ability to interview and interrogate witnesses. Senior management section at Companies are also regular attendees.

  • Our Forensic Recruitment course_____(Three day course @ R 9690.00)

It is a three day course that will enable you to do interviews and background checks like no one else. There is very little risk involved and rather simple structure is utilized. The course is designed to assist the VSA examiner in generating an income while not too busy with incident investigation.

  • Polygraph Course___________(6-7 consecutive week @ R 47 880.00 training only)

You need similar credentials as for the VSA course. This course will teach you all you need to know on the latest polygraph techniques and instrumentation together with test methods.
The polygraph machine will cost you about $ 5000 US- $ 12000.00 US depending on the manufacturer you prefer.

Course attendance: - Once you paid and attended any of our courses, you are free to attend the same course again free of charge as many times as you like.

Please contact us for brochure on the course you are interested in.

Our training centre supply lifelong support to all our students.
All our prices include VAT @ 14%

All Welcor’s courses are registered and approved by APAVSA (American Polygraph and Voice Stress Association).
Once you have completed the course successfully, you will receive a membership number and be listed on their website if so requested. You are then authorised to test worldwide.

Should you need more information, please contact us via e-mail.




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