Acronyms & Explanations

AM Amplitude Modulation
ANS: Autonomic Nervous System
APA: American Polygraph Association
APAVSA: American/African Polygraph and Voice Stress Association
CNS: Central Nervous System
CVSA: Computerised Voice Stress Analysis™
DOD: Detection of Deception
DVSA: Digital Voice Stress Analysis ©™ (Fully Digital- 32 bit)
FFT: Fast Fourier Transfer
FM: Frequency Modulation
FVAS: Forensic Voice Analysis System©™
GSR: Galvanic Skin Resistance
GVSA: Global Voice Stress Analysis
LVA: Layered Voice Analysis
MMT: Micro Muscle Tremor
PCASS: Preliminary Credibility Screening System
PDD: Psycho physiological Detection Deception
PNS: Peripheral Nervous System
PSE: Psychological Stress Evaluation©™
SAPAVSA: South African Polygraph and Voice Stress Association
SCAN: Scientific Contend Analysis (some refer to it as Statement Contend Analysis)
SVA: Statement Varsity Analysis
TARA: Timed Antagonistic Response Alethiometer
VSA: Voice Stress Analysis©™