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Dear Client,

I have pleasure in enclosing an overview of our Company and how our services could assist you in your future investigation and employment decisions.

Why should you read on?
Do you have any stock item worth R 700.00 in your store or home?
Do you need to trust any person in your Company with equipment, information or work worth that amount?
Would you like to know who is responsible for theft or “stock shrinkage” in your Company?
Do you realize the value of appointing the “correct” person for the job first time?
If you answered YES to any of the above questions this information is for you.

Welcor Truth Verification Centre operates independently, however many clients make use of our pre-employment screening services. Through our Risk Management, we utilize specialists from the Truth Verification Department to investigate a specific incident of theft or acts of fraud. Truth Verification Centre utilizes Voice Stress Evaluation and Polygraph instrumentation to conduct Truth Verification/Lie Detection tests.

Once we enter into the FOF syndrome, this basic frequency is diminished and is significantly less.


We utilize the combined technique and technology of Statement Analysis (SCAN) and Voice Stress Analysis or Polygraph for incident investigation. Tests can be conducted at your site for your convenience. Detailed Reports are presented. Our examiners are highly qualified and boast significantly higher than industry average confession rates.

Digital Voice Stress Analysis and Polygraph are also used for the following:

1. Detection of deception examinations (Theft, fraud etc.)
2. Narrative analysis of recorded statements for truth verification
3. Analysis of recorded interviews (statements etc.)
4. Pre – employment screening
5. Periodic Screening.
6. Specific incident testing
7. Infidelity
8. Security clearances.
9. Employee/Company vetting
10. Confirming of information


Statistics from the US have proved that 40% of employees steal from their workplace within the first two weeks of employment. 20% of the remainder will be stealing within a year – and 20% of that remainder will be stealing within two years, of which 80% could be considered to be committing regular thefts.
SA Statistics show that ordinary employees are involved in 75% of corruption and fraud in companies and managers account for 25%.

These are disturbing statistics are they not? Thorough pre employment screening conducted by our experienced specialists we can assist you in bringing down these alarming statistics within your company.


The Interviewer conducts a comprehensive oral interview with the candidate. The interview is conducted in an open and friendly manner and encourages open and frank discussion between the interviewer and the candidate. Various aspects of employment and general life attitudes are discussed. We discuss each position the candidates has held with previous employers, the duration of employment and their reasons for leaving. During this interview candidates are afforded the opportunity to admit to past misdemeanours or disclose any critical information. Gambling or use of recreational drugs and alcohol are also discussed. Candidates' responses are recorded on the Forensic Interview Document which is submitted to the client.

It is our experience that candidates view the interviewer as a completely independent and unbiased consultant. A position of trust is formed between the interviewer and the candidate to the extent that candidates admit and disclose various aspects of their life that they have never disclosed before. Additionally in many cases, because they feel confident and have built trust with the interviewer, once employed they have been known to contact us and disclose improper conducts of other employees.

In short the interviewer is viewed as an independent and unbiased confidant. It is far easier for an employee to confide in a person who is not directly employed by the company.


We thoroughly investigate the candidates past work history, and strongly believe in a ‘no short-cuts’ approach to this important function. We verify that all work history reported in CV’s corresponds with the employment history on a candidate’s ITC report. Obviously, if employment with a particular company is listed on the candidate’s ITC report, but is omitted from his CV we investigate and report on this. We have uncovered many known thieves and unsavoury individuals through this process.

We obtain comprehensive and unbiased references. Unlike Personnel Agencies or other recruitment consultants we are not reliant on any placement fee. Our fee is fixed and guaranteed regardless of whether or not the candidate is employed. Therefore we do not conceal or edit any information that we may discover in respect of any candidate.


An ITC inquiry is conducted and we report on any Judgements or defaults that we may find. Also any conflict in employment history. We also conduct Criminal Record checks, and verify qualifications.


This process was developed by a Swiss Psychologist. From the selection and rejection of eight colours we are able to identify certain personality traits attributed to the candidate. It is interesting to note that many of the candidates who are given their colour profiles confirm they are accurate. (This is the only aspect of the screening that candidates are privy to. All other information is for the client only.)

7. TRUST RISK SURVEY (Pen and Paper scored questionnaire)

Subjects are interviewed and tested to determine their honesty and dishonesty levels and their potential to commit theft and fraud in the workplace.

We are the sole agents for a unique and effective survey, which accurately indicates a candidates Trust Risk index, and Alienation attitude towards employers, supervisors, co-workers, work, pay and benefits. These surveys which were developed by Forensic Psycho physiologists, and experts in human behaviour, are widely used in the USA and now in South Africa. They provide a scored evaluation of a subjects' Trust Risk.

The Alienation Index score displays a subjects' attitude towards superiors, employers and authority. It has been proven that people with a high Alienation score are more likely to commit theft and fraud in the workplace.

The survey is a pen and paper process and candidates simply indicate whether they agree or disagree with various statements.

The survey is not presented as a pass-fail test, but rather a trustworthiness attitude and performance potential indicator. Studies have shown that persons with low scores have been shown to have a higher incidence of favourable trustworthy behaviour than those with higher scores. i.e. the higher the score the higher the risk of theft in the workplace by the individual concerned. The Trust Risk Survey score indicates an individuals predisposition to fraud and theft in the workplace.


The interviewer compares all information gleaned from the candidate, the Forensic interview, their CV, ITC report, and Employment References, A comprehensive report on the candidate is compiled and concludes with a recommendation as to whether or not to proceed with consideration of employment.

From the information we provide, you will be able to reach an Informed Employment Decision. We report on a candidates potential for dishonesty and deception.


Since we strive to supply our clients with all the possible options available, we also do polygraph test for those clients with that specific need.


SCAN is not interviewing, SCAN is obtaining information in the subjects' words. In order to conduct SCAN, we only need the words (statement) either given verbally or in writing. SCAN can be used in any incident from Criminal incidents to Departmental investigations.

SCAN is an important function in Human Resources to eliminate the truthful subjects from the deceitful subjects.

11. FEES

Please contact us for a tailor made quote as our fees work on a slide scale.


We at Welcor Truth Verification Centre provide a professional service to all our clients throughout South Africa and will go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.

A complete quotation will be provided on request.



Chris Nel
Advance Forensic VSA Analysts
Advance SCAN Analysts
VSA & SCAN Instructor
Polygraph Examiner
Forensic Psycho-Physiologist